A gifted artist in every sense of the word - Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Bassist, and Performer - ADAM JASON skillfully blends unfailing melodic and organic Pop sensibilities with a unique understanding of Rock and Roll in its rawest form.  

A native of the South Florida area, Adam grew up obsessed with music. "When I was 11, I heard Bon Jovi's "You Give Love A Bad Name" on the radio, and from that moment on I've embraced Rock and Roll like some sort of Religion." Adam spent years as a teen Singing/Playing Guitar and developing as a musician. "The most important thing I've learned over the years is to keep an open-mind, and embrace all types of music." 
Shortly after graduating from High School, Adam transplanted himself from the Sunshine State, and enrolled at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. While in Alabama he performed in several bands, which extensively toured the Southeastern Region.  

After completing 2 years at Alabama, the juggle of academic life and constant gigging started to take its toll. Something had to give. "I had a decision to make, finish college, or pursue my rock and roll dreams. Needless to say, I traded classrooms for bar-rooms, and book bags for guitar cases." Adam remained in Alabama for several years performing, writing, and recording. He released his debut EP "Anywhere But Here" in late 1999. In the subsequent tour, he performed with several great acts such as: Edwin McCain, Drivin' N Cryin', Angie Aparo, Beth Hart, Mars Electric, and Sammy Kershaw. 
In 2001, Adam moved back to South Florida to continue his musical journey. In the past few years he's had the extreme honor of being named the winner of "94.9 Zeta's: Search For An American Rock Idol" and has shared the stage with such musical heavyweights as: Edwin McCain, Lynyrd Skynyrd, & Skid Row (among others). 

After a few more years of playing the South Florida area, Adam decided to tour the Southeast once again making his home base once again Tuscaloosa, Alabama. From 2008-2009 Adam toured relentlessly with the Modern Rock group Another Hero. 
 As the frontman for Another Hero, Adam left virtually no proverbial stone unturned. "We played everywhere!"  
 Adam then decided it was time to return home to Florida. It was at this time that he joined forces with his musical soulmates Danny Garcia, Jose Victor Gil, & Artti Sowerbrower to construct the best version of the Adam Jason Band yet. They've played dozens of shows and have most recently taken their catchy Modern Rock sound to the beautiful country of Venezuela. 

What does the future hold? Only God knows but if the past is any indication the Adam Jason Band will achieve the success that many dream of, but only few attain.